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More to see from Koh Samui

Day trip From 09:45 to 18:45 | Lunch included Refreshments included Safari car transport 4 – 11 persons (by agreement also for the number of 2 persons) A day full of experiences Czech guide The trip program can be partially modified |

 Unrecognized Koh Samui is a day trip focused on less known places of our beautiful island. We will go off the beaten track and also to higher altitudes 

· Our first stop is on a small beach, dominated by the Golden Pagoda and the Temple of the Holy Ship. We also climb a nearby hill, where we visit a Buddhist garden with many statues and a view of the nearby islands

 · We continue to another historically interesting place, the local cultural center Dhusit Dewa, which combines elements of the three strongest cultures of Southeast Asia, it’s almost heaven for fans of photography! (entrance fee 150 Baht is paid) 

· Along the way, we will taste unbeatable fried bananas 

· It’s time to indulge in a little adrenaline – we will go to the hills with a rainforest to discover the temple with the standing Buddha and enjoy the atmosphere of the place and the amazing views of the valley 

· We will stay with the adrenaline and the more adventurous can try the local famous cable car on a slope with amazing views and jungle.

 · On the way in the rainforest, we return to zero altitudes, but only to ascend again to another place that offers a unique view of the southwest of the island, mainland Thailand and several small islands. To complete the experience, we will enjoy not only the view but also a delicious lunch 

· Koh Samui is famous for its Namuang waterfalls, which are easily accessible, but our island offers a number of amazing hidden places that ordinary tourists can easily miss, so we will visit one of the lesser known, yet interesting waterfalls, Khun Si. 

· We are located on a coconut island, so it would be a great pity to omit the local product – coconut oil. During our stop at the coconut farm, you will have the opportunity to see the process of coconut oil production and also buy this unique natural product. Optional program. The price for the performance is 2000 Baht, divided by the number of participants in the trip, approximately 300 Baht per person 

· It’s sunset time, so we set off to the Hua Khao Jook pagoda, from which there is an amazing view from several sides – Chaweng beach, Chaweng lake, Koh Phangan island and as a bonus it is possible to watch planes landing and taking off at the local airport

What to bring:

·  Sunscreen


· Towel


· Swimwear


· Comfortable shoes – flip flops or sandals are enough


· For ladies: when visiting the temple, it is necessary to have covered knees, shoulders and neckline. It is advisable to take clothes to change or a scarf or bedspread


· Money for entrances, small snacks